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Welcome to Infinity Plus LLC, We are a non-traditional therapeutic service offering more community resources and life strategies through coaching and therapeutic services

Coaching & Wellness

Infinity Plus, LLC

At Infinity Plus, LLC be believe A Balanced Life is a healthier Life. IP is a holistic life entity that covers a balance and ray of service through motivation to improve the overall well-being of an individual’s life and its composition.

We are a non-traditional therapeutic service offering more
community resources and life strategies through coaching and therapeutic services. IP uses a tailored approach to reflect the commitment to evidence-based practices for the clients we serve.

From Mental to Physical Health, here at IP, we strive to remove the stigma of therapy and
replace it with personal investments.

Why Choose Infinity Plus, LLC

Court Approved Solutions (CAS)

Court Approved Solutions (CAS) is a program curtailed to those mandated by the courts, probation, djj, defense attorney as well as for personal needs and gains. We thrive from being able to personalize services for individuals and group settings.

Our goal is to get you back to your balanced life and keep you out of jail by providing services that benefit your personal needs through coaching, psychoeducation, guidance and support. We aim to create lasting changes, masters transitions and aiding in a new life story.

We seek to break through patterns of unwanted habits and perform increased potential of the individuals served. We look forward to making your next step your best step.

Our Services

We Offer the Best Solution for Your Personal Problem. See Our Classes, Evaluation Programmes and Other Services Below.

Renata Buckner

Meet the CEO

Renata is a homegrown Sweet Georgia peach born and raised. A motivator that has faced many hardships that helped to propel her forward to be the determined, dedicated and committed young lady she is today.

As a proud Social Worker, She has a license on the bachelors and masters level in Social Work with experience from DFCS, Care Coordinations, Nursing Home, Hospice to Home Health.

Recently joining her beloved Alma Mater Albany State University as an adjunct Social Work Professor. She leads an active life with her ministry and sows daily into my community. Just to name a few; she’s the proud CEO of Infinity Plus, LLC and Court Approved Solutions.

As a Certified Solution and Strategist Life Coach, Renata recently launched her Motivation in Motion Journal, a Journal for your journey, a motivational movement. Concluding with this, She’s a rare JEWEL with many achievements but a heart that loves to inspire, uplife and cultivate society and promote forward movement. Cultivating our society and citizens is her greatest passion. She believes in balance, not only spiritual or physical but mental health as well.


Infinity Plus is the place Where Potential Meets Purpose. We are not like any other entity, we personalize your service & provide full support that guarantees utmost satisfaction.